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Real Estate

Our office has represented owners, lenders and developers in commercial and residential real estate transactions and litigation throughout Southern California and San Diego Country. We have a reputation for timely, cost-efficient representation in real estate projects, transactions and litigation that have included:

Acquisition, sale, leasing, financing of commercial and residential property

Adverse Possession

We have successfully represented and defended the interests of our client, a property owner who’s family home were adversely challenged by a hostile possessor and another third party claiming title through a series of fraudulent deeds. After a civil trial title to the property was properly restored, and attorney’s fees and costs were awarded, in our client’s name.
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Active Concealment

Successfully represented property owners who have been damaged by the failure of the previous owner and/or developer to disclose known defects in the property and/or neighborhood.


Our work has protected our clients from the relentless collection efforts of banks and resulted in tens of thousands of dollars of secured loans being declared forgiven.


Leases, rents and options all require specific documentation to insure proper transfer of interests, we can prepare and review these documents for you.

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration and Civil Litigation

Our firm is experienced in all forums of dispute resolution from the courtroom to the mediator’s desk to the arbitration conference chamber.

Unlawful Detainers and Evictions

Do you have a tenant that is in default, or is your landlord trying to remove you unfairly? We can help with the either the prosecution or defense of the UD and eviction actions.

Home Owner’s Associations

Covenants, conditions and restrictions (“CCRs”) can be complicated documents, and HOAs require strict compliance; we can help draft and review CCRs to ensure that all home owners are in compliance, and develop resolution strategies when they are not.

Construction Contracts

Our attorney’s are experienced in drafting construction contracts, from time-and-materials to flat fee arrangements, let us protect you in your next project.

Deeds and Conveyances

We can draft the necessary documents to transfer any ownership interests in all types of properties.


California law constantly requires the disclosure of more and more information in the sale of real property, let us help you make sure you are in compliance.


Disputes may arise regarding one’s rights to use another’s property, such as the right to cross an adjoining property by way of a driveway, or run a gas pipe from the main line on the street over a neighbor’s property to your home. Our lawyers are familiar with these disputes and can help.


From representation of beneficiaries to conducting the trustee sale, we can help.


From failure to disclose known defects in the sale of the home to active concealment of such defects to bait-and-switch vacation home rental scams, our firm has been successful in prosecuting and recovering damages in fraud cases.

Ground Leases, Leases and Subleases

Our firm works closely with brokers representing both commercial tenants and landlords to draft, review and comment all types of commercial industrial, retail, and residential leases.


We have represented brokers in administrative hearings before the Department of Real Estate regarding license issuance and suspensions.

Liens and Encumbrances

Lis Pendens - or Notice of Pendency of Action

Places potential buyers of real property on notice that the subject property is in the middle of a legal dispute, and most likely a dispute of ownership. They are an effective tool in real estate litigation.

Trust Deeds and Mortgages

Our work has protected our clients from the relentless collection efforts of banks and resulted in tens of thousands of dollars of secured loans being declared forgiven.


Both public and private nuisances can depreciate property value and cause damage to homeowners, we can help alleviate the problem and recover damages.

Partition Sales

Our firm has successfully petitioned to the Superior Court and received orders to sell real estate property for a client when other partner owners were uncooperative.

Title Issues

We handle all title matters, including quite title actions, property line disputes, grantor/grantee index research, and prosecution of title claims.


Our firm has successfully applied for and received reassessments of property values resulting in the reduction of property taxes for our clients.

Recording and Records

Our staff is very familiar with the San Diego County Recorder’s Office and we can locate, copy and record most documents.

Trustee Sales

We have represented lenders in enforcement actions to sell real property which had been used as a security interest / collateral to a promissory note.

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