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That Phone Call


That Phone Call - Almost everyday there is that one call which seeks just a simple answer and if I am going to give those anonymous callers free advice, I might as well share it with everyone. Remember the key word here is free, so a caveat my readers, this is free advice, off the cuff, and may not be one hundred percent accurate.

RESIDENTIAL SECURITY DEPOSITS AND PETS: Today the call was from a new landlord who was going through her first tenant hold-over move out and accounting of damages. Her tenant was asserting some wild technical defenses which were absurd so I won’t go into them, but the one issue worth passing along is the fact that she was so upset that she was facing damages in excess of her security deposit which was only one month’s worth. I explained that she should file a small claims action if the tenant would not cover the excess damages, caused by three dogs to hard wood floors, and then explained that in the future this could have been avoided by receiving a larger security deposit upfront (pet deposit). Remember in California the maximum security deposit is two times the monthly rent if unfurnished and three times if furnished. If they have pets, get the maximum.

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